Wings of fire book Review by APJ Abdul Kalam 2020| Summary |Review | Price

Wings of fire book Review by APJ Abdul Kalam
Wings of fire book Review by APJ Abdul Kalam | Summary | Review| Price

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Here we provide full details about the Wings of fire book Review by APJ Abdul Kalam. In this post, we provide you every best information that you should know about this Wings of fire book Review by APJ Abdul Kalam.

Wings of fire book brief information

Every common man who by his pure willpower and hard work achieves success should share his story with the rest for they may find inspiration and strength to go on, in his story. The ‘Wings of Fire’ is one such autobiography by idealistic scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who from very modest beginnings rose to be the President of India. The book is full of understandings, personal moments and life experiences of Dr. Kalam. It gives us an understanding on his journey of success.

Dr. Kalam by telling his life journey suggests the reader to identify with one’s inner fire and potential, for he was of the firm belief that each one of us was born with the strength and potential to make a solid change in the world. How he inspired himself to achieve dreams and how he went about realizing so much is what the book releases nicely.

The book recollects many stories and layers from childhood, his time at school and college. The time spent at the Langley Research Center, NASA and Whacks Flight Facility gets a lot of attention.

Personal disasters have not been left out. The time when he lost his father and how he felt when discussed with many awards like the Padma Bhushan have been written in much detail.

The second part of the book deals with Dr Kalam, the scientist who made a significant contribution in rising the countries guided missile program, a revolutionary effort for the security of the nation. It’s not with reason that he was nicknamed as the ‘Missile Man of India’. The book also contains 24 photographs at various stages of his life.

Authored by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and Mr. Arun Tiwari, the book ‘The Wings of Fire’ was first published in the year 2000. Mr Tiwari is a well-known missile scientist who has worked with Dr. Kalam. Having become a blockbuster, the book has even been translated into thirteen languages, which includes Chinese and French.

About the Author of Wings of Fire book

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam from 2002 to 2007 served as the 11th President of India. Seriously respected all over India, he was a scientist by profession, who played a leading role in developing the country’s missile program. From modest roots in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, Dr Kalam in an inspirational autobiography ‘The Wings of Fire’ touches the rise and the mark he made in life.

Mr. Arun Tiwari, a scientist, was a teammate of Dr Kalam.

If you want to leave your footsteps in the sands of time, do not drag your feet.” These are one of the most durable lines that still lay etched in my memory. I have read this book long back, and I don’t remember when, but surely the spirit remains with me even today. This book is best suited for reading for the teenagers, to dream and to dare. 

It shows, how a person from the uncertain background ends up in being the First Citizen of a nation of one billion. It shows how a scientist, empty of basic tools, helps in conclusion of a program which other love to hate and knock. 

It shows a man, who lived his life in terms of his principles and nothing else. It shows how a common man, like you and me, can achieve when he can dream. And finally, it teaches how to dream –Tarun Mitra on Apr 26, 2012

This is the most inspirational book I have ever read. Great salute to the man for his contribution to Indian Rocketry. I would like to remember few lines from book.

  1. What you imagine, is what you leak. What you believe is what you achieve.
  2. A good plan executed violently right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.
  3. Once your mind expanses to a new level it never goes back to its original dimension.
  4. Hard times always presents opportunities for self-examination and the most inspiring line is.. “We all are born with divine fire in us. Our efforts should be to give wings –Devendra on Aug 26, 2012

After reading this book Ii spotted the worth of APJ Abdull Kalam’s dedication. Do , ”t consider money to buy this book to read autobiography a spokesman, a presiden ,,a DRDO chief scientist, ana ISRO chief scientist, a Bramohse supersonic missile innovator… –Naveen A H on Sep 5, 2011

Arun Tiwari rose to fame as an author along with his book Wings of fireplace, which he co-authored with Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He’s a missile scientist who worked under the leadership of Kalam. Tiwari contributed to the look of the missiles, Akash and Trishul and is the first Indian who designed a titanium bottle to power missiles. 

Aside from this, Tiwari has been at director director at the Cardiovascular Technology, Institute in Hyderabad. He received the Defense Technology Spin-Off Award for developing the Kalam-Raju stent.

  1. Rohan

 This is the foremost inspiring book any can ever read. Ii used to be very glad that this book was written by an Indian (Arun Tiwari) about an Indian whose life journey is so motivating that it can just turn your life. It shows how traditionall young Muslim boy who lived in Rameswharam became a famous scientist and so the president of our country.

  1. Shreyansh

A wing of fireside was an Autobiography of APJ Abdul Kalam covering his youth and his add Indian Space research and missile programs. It’s an surprising story of a very ordinary man with extraordinary energy and skills. This book is must for experts duty project work or are team member of project …surely after reading you may try told introspect your performance basis the qualities shared,

 Dr. Kalam was a good project director and in book he shares about his participative management practices. He has described about various projects he assumed and shows how an individual can manage an oversized team of experts with none proper knowledge in project management and team dynamics.

He never fails to possess up his co-workers, team members ET all of importance, throughout the book Sharing a number of concepts which I liked

  • Hands-on Approach vs. Hands-off Approach
  • Conversation vs. Communication
  • Performance Dimensions
  • Flow —– (Flow may be a feeling we experience once we act with total involvement)

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Conclusion (wings of fire summary / wings of fire book review)

This is the foremost motivating book one can ever read. i used to be very glad that this book was written by an Indian (Arun Tiwari) about an Indian whose life journey is so inspiring that it can just turn your life.

It shows how traditional young Muslim boy who lived in Rameswharam become a famous scientist then the president of a rustic like India. What it includes???

~ The bizarre jobs he did to pay his school fees.

~ How he became a vegetarian??

~ How he wanted to become an Indian Air Force Pilot?

 ~ How he became a applied scientist rather than a Collector as his father had visualized????

 He describes individuals like Prof. Sarabhai and Dr. Brahm Prakash who had an excellent impact in his personality. He describes the talents of a front runner and the way he faced problems in becoming a one. Being a ‘small-town boy’ his journey wa , ”t simple and stuffed with folks that were always jealous of him. But because the book says he never left hope, courage and faith in God and together with his willpower and hard work he was able to achieve what he could never consider.

 He considered all religions equal and had equal respect for all the religions. He was even the simplest friend of the son of the pinnacle minister of Rameswaram Temple. I loved the ways he keeps on describing his various teachers of life and every one the powerful people, and their qualities.

This book is 180 pages long. At the end I might say that this is often an ideal inspirational and motivating book for anybody who is fascinated by aerospace or simply want to attain greater heights in life. The book could be a perfect package and could be a must-read. So, I surely recommend this book

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